Amber O´Hearn/Nick Mailer (Carnivorous diet) [engl.]


Maybe we should eat meat? In this very interesting conversation I am talking with Amber O´Hearn and philosopher Nick Mailer anout the carnivorous and the ketogenic diet. 

You find her blog here

From the podcast:

2:00 Postmodern narrations 

6:30: Amber´s Depression

12:30 Evolution and 'Speciism' ... no plants opts to be eaten

23:00 is processed red meat bad?

28:00 scientific dara on meat eating

40:00 pro/con-arguments of the postmodern mindset

56:00 Blood-type diet

1:09:00 Kuhns Paradigms on science

1:13:00 Gut bacteria

1:16:00 ketogenic diet vs carnivorous diet

1:25:00 Positiv temperamental changes with going with a carnivorous diet

1:29:00 Are vegetables full of toxins?

1:33:00 Contradictions of a vegan and vegetarian ideology


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