Hey there ...

... my name is Tom Amarque, I am a German writer, philosopher and podcaster. You know what that means, financially ;-)

The idea of my podcast is to talk to interesting people about interesting stuff ... consciousness, evolution, psychedelics, philosophy, sex, flow, drugs, postmodernity,  post-postmodernity, you name it. You can find my podcast here: http://www.tom-amarque.de/lateralconversations ...

I try to to this podcast four times a month; this is pretty fun, but also - as you might imagine - a lot of work. 

So, If you like this podcast und you think this is something worth supporting, well, I would not object if you do. Maybe this whole thing is something which can develop over the years with your help, which might include live-streaming, with a camera, in a studio, or just by being able to buy an extra plane-ticket to meet and talk to a guest directly and not via skype. Because these are the best podcasts.

So, thanks for listening!
Yours truly