Tom Amarque

(born November 21st, 1974), is a German author, philosopher and podcaster. He lives and works in Mallorca, Spain.


Amarques approach is a subject-philosophy which centers around volition, self-reference and the architechture of psyche and development. The initial question is: how can we bind the complexities of our selves and the interior world as well as those of the world and beginn to design our self- and worldexperience? The questions he therefore poses are: How can we develop a stronger volition, how can we choose the narratives which shape our conscious experience, and how can we develop an ethic which is in accordance with the needs and problems of the world.

Because of that, Amarques approach ist a performatory theory, which shows how the relativity, the purposelessness and the arbitrariness of postmodern philosophy and worldview can be transcended, without loosing its virtues. In this regard it aims to be a post-postmodern philosophy.