What is Postmodernity?



Interactive Webinar

Friday 25.4.2018; 20h

Duration: 2 hours+ 45 min Q & A

An introduction into postmodernity

Most people are using the term 'postmodernity' without knowing what it is or means exactly. Is it an Ideology or a stage of social-cutural development, with movements in philosophy, architecture and literature? Is the civil rights movement intrinsicly connected with postmodernity, and is it a whole new worldview? What are the virutes and fallacies of postmodernity?

In this interactive webinar we will delving into the facets of postmodernity - because only by knowing who we are and in what kind of culture we are living in, we can know we could be and where we could strive to.

Although a fairly complex topic you will get a profound understanding of the important arguments of postmodern philosophers and you will gain new ways to answer questions like:

  • What is truth?
  • Is there an objective world outside of consciousness?
  • What is postmodernity and what are her main aspects?
  • What are her virtues and fallacies? 
  • What comes after postmodernity?
  • Why is postmodernity so politisied?
  • Is everything socially constructed?
  • Were you being born as a man or a woman?


How does the webinar work?

Participation and interaction are voluntary - you can decide for yourself if you use your camera and microphon or not. There is a chatroom where you can post questions.

You you receive a Zoom-Link on the day of the webinar.

Cost: € 29,-