Tom Amarque


Am 15.8. 2018 erscheint das Buch 'Der Krieg der Seele'!!!

Was ist Spiritualität, wo liegt ihr Ursprung, ihr Sinn und ihre Zukunft? Welche Probleme gehen mit der zeitgenössischen Spiritualität einher? Was ist ihr evolutionäres Potenzial, und welche Perspektiven können wir wählen um zu einer reifen Spiritualität zu kommen.--- mehr


I came to know Andrew Sweeny because of a series of articles about Jordan Peterson and the 'Intellectual Dark Web' he posted on Medium, which were not only excellently written, but also tried to to explore the cultureal shift in which that movement appeared. We both share the sentiment - as a lot of people obviously - that the IDW is a important new tribe, adressing important issues in our culture. ... more


Nick Hein ist zweifacher deutscher Judo-Meister, UFC-Fighter, Buchautor und Schauspieler. Wir sprechen hier über die psychologischen Komponenten der Vorbereitung und der Fight-Night. Unfassbar interessant! Check out this episode of Lateral Conversations ...






Interesting interviews with interesting people, their worldview, their ideas, their hopes. For me, podcasting is a great way to learn and to talk to people around the world. I hope you enjoy these conversations as much as I do ... 





Writing is something very dear to my heart. It´s a way of selfdicovery, a way towards a better understanding of the world, and moreover its a passion with which I hope to contribute something to culture. Over the years I wrote some books on different topics, for example the development of psyche and how the observer creates what he observes, the will, development as a passion, about the way we structure our experience with stories and or about the telos of spirituality.  ... more