What is Postpostmodernity?


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Interactive Webinar

Friday 2.5.2018; 20h

Duration: 2 hours+ 45 min Q & A

An introduction into the idea of postpostmodernity.

Performatism, Metamodernism, Digimodernism, Pseudomodernism and Integral Philosophy are just a few examples of a new way of thinking and understanding ourself and the world, a way which explicitly goes beyond the paradigm of postmodernity with its virtues and fallacies. But what is their common element? What does the postpostmodernity want? What are her perspectives and strategies?

In this webinar we will highlight the important aspects of postpostmodernism, not only how it is conceived by philosophers but how it translates into our daily life.

You will get a deep understanding of the crucial arguments made by Raoul Eshelmann, Ken Wilber, Timothy Vermeulen, Jack Kirby and other postpostmodern thinkers, and gain news ways of answering questions like:

  • What is the postpostmodernty and what are her basic elements?
  • What is truth, and what are narratives?
  • Does the postpostmodernity have new content, or is it a metatheory of the development of all previous worldviews?
  • What are the features of postpostmodern living?
  • How do we overcome the moral relativism and the totalitarian aspects of postmodernity?


How does the webinar work?

Participation and interaction are voluntary - you can decide for yourself if you use your camera and microphon or not. There is a chatroom where you can post questions.

You you receive a Zoom-Link on the day of the webinar.

Cost: € 29,-