Tom Amarque





Podcasting is a fantastic possibilty to talk with different people around the globe about their work and their ideas. But it is also an way of challenging my own ideas, to find and learn something new. And if you as a listener could benefit from that, all the better ...





Writing is something very dear to my heart. It´s a way of selfdicovery, a way towards a better understanding of the world, and moreover its a passion with which I hope to contribute something to culture. Over the years I wrote some books on different topics, for example the development of psyche and how the observer creates what he observes, the will, development as a passion, about the way we structure our experience with stories and or about the telos of spirituality.  ... more



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Beginning in 2018 I offer regulary online-courses/ webinars on topics like postmodernity, post-postmodernity; will, volition and self-development. Check out my anouncements here  .... more