Mitch Horowitz (Positive Thought/Critical Occultism)


Mitch Horowitz is a American writer on occult and esoteric topics, an historian and philosopher, a public speaker and an editor. He has some very interesting views on occultism, which could be decribed as critical or pragmantic and he seeks to find the true elements of the positive thought movement beyond any postmodern wishy washy.
We had a great conversation on this informed occultism, ranging from the Genius/Daimon to spiritual virtue signalling, to ‘magick words’, to the relatinship between the positive Thought movement and the more ritualised Magick of the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley, to Wilber, Post-postmodernity, Power and Meekness, what occultism means in regard of acting or performing in the world. Here, spiritual realisation means to act out the own true will. Find out more in this recording of one of the most fascinating conversations I had on this programm!

Tom Amarque2 Comments