Andrew Sweeny (The Intellectual Dark Web)


I came to know Andrew Sweeny becuase of a series of articles about Jordan Peterson and the 'Intellectual Dark Web' he posted on Medium, which were not only excellently written, but also tried to to explore the cultureal shift in which that movement appeared. We both share the sentiment - as a lot of people obviously - that the IDW is a important new tribe, adressing important issues in our culture.

So, I invited him to the podcast, and we had a chat about this phenomeon, about its importance, and some of its aspects. There is certainly a lot more to say about this movement than we could cover this time, and time will tell if this movement itself has the ability to actually bring some higher order into the cultural chaos we face today. There are a lot of promisses and also problems ... and we will see how they are doing. For know I think its important that there a re people who are actually trying to navigate between  the fallacies of left and right ideologies, offering new and sometimes old perspectives, and maybe integrated Grand Narratives, which we seems to have lost with postmodernity.

Tom AmarqueComment