John Dupuy (Addiction, Recovery & Transformation) [engl.]

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I never thought of the opioid & alcohol crisis as particular postmodern phenomenons …

John Dupuy is such warm and unique character, I am very gratefull to have had this deep and kind of rhizomatic conversation with him. We went into the nexus of transformation, addiction, post-postmodernity and much more.

He is the author of Integral Recovery, a book about an integral approach to addiction, he was a wilderness-transformational guide, he is a gifted musician, he worked at the military police in Germany, he speaks german and spanish and he knows my little island, Mallorca, pretty well.

Time flew by, and mostly we talked about his life and his perspectves, about transformation, addiction and integral apporach to recovery, his IAWAKE technologies. And, of course, the meaning of life.

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