Nick Seneca Jankel (Spiritual Atheist) [engl.]


Nick Seneca Jankel is a Cambridge-educated author, philosopher, professional speaker, and transformation catalyst. He is the co-founder of personal and leadership development enterprise Switch On (www.  He has worked with organizations as diverse as Nike, No. 10 Downing Street, HSBC, and Oxfam and has taught at many universities, including Oxford University, London Business School, SciencesPo (Paris), and Yale University.
Nick hosted a network TV show on BBC as a psychological coach and has been interviewed about his ideas on the BBC World Service, CBS, and Hay House Radio. He has appeared in The Economist, The Guardian, and The Financial Times; and was invited to speak on science and spirituality at Aspen Ideas Festival. Nick obtained a Triple 1st Class degree in Medicine & History and Philosophy of Science from Cambridge University and is the author of a number of books on creativity, transformation, and leadership, including the bestseller, Switch On.

We talked about his new Book ‘The Spiritual Atheist’, spiritual pathologies, chaos and order as evolutionary principles 'Becomming is god', the Daimon, Jordan Peterson, SIMPOL, and Metamodernism, disruptiv innovations, metamodells of evolution and applications of those modells. … great to have him an the show!

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