From duhka to sukha

We all are facing sorrow, grief and suffering (duhka) from time to time, due to being in a crisis, because chaos has invaded our life, because of not finding a solution for a spiritual problem or by having the feeling of just being stuck in our life. Therefore the question arrises: Where do we go from here? How do we get out of this state of being stuck?

In Pali Canon sukha means authentic happiness of the soul, as opposite to the superficial happiness we can have in our profan lives. But sukha also means that the wheel is turning without friction and is running smoothly, that we are, decribed in more modern terms, developing and overcoming the problems, which are coming naturally with every stage of development which we are inhabing.



So you face some problems of your spiritual or moral development? Are you in some sort of crisis, and need some help? Are you stuck in your meditative (or other) practise and don´t now how to proceed? I am offering my services with a full money-back guarantee, if we don´t get the wheels back turning. Just 'ask for a date'  ;-)


Mentoring via Skype

 Sukha-Session à € 200,- 



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